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SERVPRO is there to help no matter the job size!

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions: Your name and contact information Your insurance information (if applicable)The street address of the wat... READ MORE

We have the equipment needed to make sure there everything is dry!

We have the equipment to make sure everything is dry. As you can see the water meter is showing there is water in the wall even when you cant see it. Once we we... READ MORE

When its storm season, we are always on the road!

This house in El Paso TX was hit by a massive storm, they ended up with water in their wall. Our team went in and checked the moisture inside. We ended up makin... READ MORE

Damage from Storms!

This house was caught in a storm in El Paso TX, SERVPRO was able to go out and help all the houses that were damages by this storm. As you can see the ceiling h... READ MORE

Water can get stuck in the floor, we can help with that!

This commercial building had a massive water damage. As you can see there is water bubble in the floor from the water that came through the ceiling. SERVPRO was... READ MORE

We are always ready, no matter the job size!

This commercial building had a massive water damage. They had water coming in from the ceiling and it went through multiple rooms. They called SERVPRO and we we... READ MORE

When you least expect it a fire can start at any time!

This residence had an unexpected fire that went through the entire house. This master closet had a lot of damage and had to be completely demoed. We were glad t... READ MORE

Fire Can Happen at Any Time!

This residence suffered from a massive fire damage. The damage to the restroom was just the beginning. Our team was able to go out there are start the job right... READ MORE

We can do kitchen remodels after a water damage

SERVPRO of Medina County has a reconstruction department that can help with your construction needs. As you can see this kitchen was able to get a full remodel,... READ MORE

Did you know we also have a reconstruction department?

This customer needed their chimney fixed, they called SERVPRO of Medina County. We were able to schedule an estimator to go out to their property next day, we a... READ MORE