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A picture of a hurricane

Are prepared in the event of a hurricane hitting!

In the event of a hurricane, SERVPRO of Medina County specializes in restoration. We have the experience to help even across the country. Our team has traveled across the United States to help with restoration. We love what we do!

Bat signal calling SERVPRO

We are ready anytime you need us! Day or Night!

One of the best reasons to call SERVPRO of Medina County is, we are available anytime you need us. Call us anytime day or night and we will be ready to help you!

SERVPRO workers in a kitchen with their drying equipment

We are the ones to call when you have a water damage!

Our SERVPRO techs use high-grade air movers, industrial heaters, and dehumidifiers to effectively remove moisture due to water damage. SERVPRO of Medina County is ready when you need them!

CALL US TODAY 830-584-1704

Our Marketing Team Standing Next to Each Other

Do you need information about or services? Our marketing team can help.

Our Awesome Marketing team goes above and beyond to help inform our clients about the services we provide. If you ever have any questions, they have answers! Call Us Today!

Two SERVPRO employees looking at each other behind a picture of desk in a building

We Can Help When You Need Us!

Businesses are always unpredictable, you never know when disaster is about to strike. You can always count on SERVPRO of Medina County to be ready to help when you need us. We will work to quickly get your business back to normal as soon as possible! 

Steps of a building ruined by fire damage

We know the steps it takes to restore buildings after a fire damage

When you call SERVPRO of Medina County we are always ready to go a soon as possible. No matter the job type or size. Call us today 830-584-1704

Before and After having a fire

When you think everything is ruined, we restore "Like it never happend"

If you ever find yourself in a fire damage situation, leave it to the professionals to help restore your home. SERVPRO of Medina County is ready 24/7 for any job big or small. 

CALL US TODAY  830-584-1704 

Picture of flowers being rained on

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers can bring May flowers, but if the rain is excessive it can be the cause of flooding. You don't want your house in standing water for long. Give us a call!

Two kids holding a burnt cake

Some household appliances can be the reason a fire starts!

Fires can happen anywhere even in your home. Ovens can cause fire if not cleaned often or properly. If you find yourself needed services please give us a call.

SERVPRO of Medina County 830-584-1704

SERVPRO truck and employees standing with equipment

Storms can hit when you least expect!

Storms and natural disasters are unpredictable, they can hit when you least expect it. SERVPRO of Medina County has the experience and expertise to help, we are able to travel outside of our state when needed. 

a picture of a washer

There are many places that can cause water damage!

Some household utilities that we use regularly can cause damage when they malfunction. For Example a washer can start leaking and have water everywhere. If you find yourself in a water situation give us a call! 

A sign that says SERVPRO is here to help when storm damage strikes

Storms can happen anytime!

We are here to help when storms hit, whether it be in our city or in another state. We are always ready to take on any job big or small! 

Garage with ceiling falling

Garage Ceiling falling from a Tucson Storm

When there was a storm in Tucson, AZ SERVPRO was out on the field as quick as possible. We saw many people affected from the storm damage. This garage had a ceiling falling from the storm, we went out and were able to clear out the effected sections. 

Two men on a train one happy and one sad

You're happier when you call SERVPRO

We are not just a water restoration company we offer many different services. You will be happy you called us! we are always here to help!

SERVPRO of Medina County 830-584-1704

A room where the ceiling is falling

Storms can happen when you least Expect them!

This is a picture from a house who had been affected by a storm in Tucson AZ. We were able to g out and help those in need of services! 

Overflowed toilet with tips

Know what to do if your toilet overflows

Do you know what to do if you ever find yourself with a backed up toilet? Harmful contaminants can pose serious health risks if not addressed quickly. SERVPRO professionals have the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to safely clean these messes.

Camp Fire Burning

Fires can start any time or place!

It is always important to know who to do in case of a fire. Make sure you have a plan in place, at home or even at your business. Fires can happen anywhere are spread quickly!

Sign saying Commercial Water Damage Can Strike at any time

Commercial Water Damage Can Happen at Any Time!

Water damage can happen when you least expect it. If you find your commercial building in a water situation give us a call. We understand the importance of getting your business back to normal as quick as possible! 

SERVPRO equipment lined up

SERVPRO of Medina County, ready to respond!

Natural disaster can happen at anytime, we are always ready to help and travel out to the places we are needed! We are also a storm team, we have everything needed to go out and perform services outside of our state. 

Picture of Cleaning Supplies

We have everything to clean any type of place!

At SERVPRO of Medina County we specialize in cleaning. We can clean anywhere big or small, weather you are looking for commercial cleaning or just a couple rooms we are always prepared! 

Water Damage on a wall of a commercial building

Commercial water Damage?

Call on the experts at SERVPRO for your water removal and remediation needs. No job is too big, we are always ready 24/7. 

SERVPRO of Medina County 830-584-1704

Fire smoke in Mico Texas

Mico TX Brush Fire!

SERVPRO of Medina County serves many different counties in our area. Mico TX is one of them, they recently had a huge brush fire in the area. These are common around this time due to the lack of rainfall. If you find yourself needing emergency services please don't hesitate to call! 

A yes we're open sign

Yes, we are open 24/7!!

At SERVPRO Medina County we are always ready to help 24/7. There is no job big or small! Don't hesitate to give us a call!

SERVPRO of Medina County 830-584-1704

Picture of SERVPRO equipment

We have the equipment for any job!

If you find yourself in a water loss situation we have the tools to help you get back to normal as soon as possible! Please don't hesitate to call us!

[830-584-1704] SERVPRO of Medina County

SERVPRO services listed

We Have Many Services to Offer!

Here at SERVPRO of Medina County, we specialize in many different services. If you find yourself needing any of these services, please call us today! 24/7

 [830-584-1704] SERVPRO of Medina County

Closet damaged by fire

We Can Clean After Fire Damage!

SERVPRO of Medina County

We are experts at cleaning after fire damage! Our crew can go in and clean smoke and soot to make it "Like it never even happened."

Call Us Today! We are ready 24/7


Bathroom after a fire

SERVPRO Medina County is Fire Ready!

SERVPRO of Medina County

This bathroom had a huge which spread throughout the house. We were on site fast and ready to work! No job is too big or small! 

Call Us! 890-584-1704

General Manager Standing by a wall

Meet our General Manager!

SERVPRO of Medina County 

Our general manager Jacob is always ready to help! He goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are always happy and satisficed! 

Call Us 24/7 - 830-584-1704

IICRC Certificate

We Are IICRC Certified!

SERVPRO of Medina County is an IICRC firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

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SERVPRO box truck

Ready To Go 24/7!

SERVPRO of Medina County

We are prepared to take on any job big or small, in your Medina County Community! We are a local franchise so we can be at your residence fast! 

Call Us Today - 830-584-1704